Monday, June 13, 2016

The Mayan Riviera Dashed My Dislike of Timeshares (Part 1)

Late morning view of
clear water and beach.
I’ve always been opposed to the rigidity of timeshares so when a friend invited me to her Cancun, Mexico timeshare resort I was totally unprepared.  It was a 90 flight from Miami there we were on the Mayan Riviera. The Vidanta Group is big with a number of locations in Mexico. This one, about half-way between Playa del Carmen and Cancun, is one of the largest.
One can wander above the
greenery and hear birds
and nothing else.
It includes its own Cirque du Soleil, what seemed endless forest walkways (sometimes too endless), marvelous reasonably priced gourmet restaurants, pool bars with Happy Hour starting at 11:00 am along with beautiful ocean a well equipped spa and numerous huge meandering pools with plenty of lounges and cabanas.  Did I mention comfy rooms with cable TV?



I hardly expected the concert along with magnificent French cuisine in one of the many themed restaurants.